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Red crystal bracelets

These two different bracelets are made of same materials(crystal beads, golden beads chakri(flat) beads), only the beading pattern is different. Its very simple and takes less time to make. We can use any colored crystal beads to match with your outfit or use silver beads instead of golden.


Rangoli is the art of decorating the floor. Rangoli is put in the dawn in front of the house and also in the pooja rooms. Its considered to be very auspicious. In south India its known as Kolam, drawn using white rice flour, but in many parts of the country is drawn with sandstone or limestone powder.
The picture above shows a typical sanskar bharathi rangoli. It was drawn by my sister on the diwali day last year. This rangoli is drawn without dots, its like a free hand drawing. To draw this you have to make use of all your five fingers.

Kundan necklace

In India you get a variety of kundan jewellery. The kundans can be of any shape, size with or without diamonds, different stones. Kundans are made of gold, copper,silver, imitation kundans.
Here i have used is imitation kundans. I made this set to match one of my saree.

The materials used are 25 - 30 kundans, a pendant and a pair of earrings, chakri mani(flat beads), smaller size beads, red hanging beads, 4 big size beads(also called finishing beads) , beading thread, wire.

Take a thread of half a metre long and starting beading. The bead sequence is the big bead(finishing bead) is beaded only at the first the string, then small bead, flat bead, small bead and last kundan and the sequence is repeated and when you are done add the finishing bead and tie a knot to the pendant. Similarly make another string and tie to the other side of the pendant.
Now make small rings of the wire and add 4-5 red hanging beads and then pass the wire through the hole of the kundan(This kundan has 2 holes) and…

Two different length strings

I was bored of making the same pattern of jewelery so i tried making this one. I made two strings of different length. The pink beads used are not expensive i had got it for 30Rs per string in belgaum. The pink bead and a small silver bead is beaded alternately and at the end of each string a light pink square bead is used so that it doesn't look monotonous. The two strings are connected by small stone studded ring. I made the two strings pass through the ring and used hooks to tie it behind. Remember the length is not adjustable.

How to prepare henna paste

Steps for preparing mehndi paste:
1. Make fine dust or powder of dried leaves of henna
Get henna powder available in the market sieve the fine powder with the help of fine muslin cloth.

2. Pour 8-10 drops of eucalyptus oil into filtered lemon juice and add henna powder to it. Let it be soaked for about 3-5 hours to make it a lump.
Pour 8-10 drops of tamarind water, tea decoction and henna powder mix it well and keep it for 3-5 hours.

3. Take small stick or plastic cone and apply the paste on your hand or legs.

Single stone studded bead

I have used the stone studded bead as a pendant and made six strings of red semi precious beads to pass through it. You can also make this necklace with or without a pendant or use different colored beads to match with your dress or saree. We can match any pair earrings which have stones in it and make a complete set.

Four peacock design

The design has four peacock's. I have filled every peacock with different design. The finger design is a single leaf and simple design above it.

Spiral Pot Painting

Sand is used to make the spirals on the pot. I have stuck the very fine sand(used for construction) with fevicol and after drying, the entire pot is painted with golden color. The golden powder which is available in any paint shop is mixed with varnish and painted. We can also mix this powder with any other medium also.

Yellow jewellery set

This jewellery set is my first handmade jewellery. The golden beads, moti(pearl type of beads) and the yellow crystal beads are beaded together to get this beautiful output. The barcelet and the necklace are beaded in the same wave.

Simple pot painting

This is a simple peacock pot painting.

Tips for painting a pot:

1. First scrub the pot with the help of sand paper so that the upper surface of the pot becomes smooth.
2. Apply a coat of varnish to get the shine on the pot.
3. After drying the pot in the sun paint the pot as you like it.

In the above shown pot the paint used is oil paint and after drying this paint a coat for varnish is applied again.

Gold oxide jewellery

Its a handmade jewellery. The beads and the pendant is stringed. In just Rs 120 we can make this beautiful set of a necklace and earrings.